PHP Versions updated

PHP versions have been updated across our platforms.

They’ve been updated to: 7.2.3, 7.1.15, 7.0.28, 5.6.34.

If you are a Windows or Linux user you can change the version used by logging into your Control Panel and selecting “Switch PHP Versions”. Users of our WordPress platform will only be able to use the most recent version of 7.0.

Important service migration notice for existing customers

During March 2018 we are going to be moving all of our services to a new supplier as part of a modernisation and upgrade programme to ensure we continue to offer great service as well as our competitive pricing. Don’t worry, this should require minimal action on your part and/or services should be unaffected. Our services will continue delivered from a UK Data Centre with the same level of security and connectivity as previously but from much better technology.

This also gives us the opportunity to provide great new features such as:

  • Free basic SSL certificates for all Standard and Premium Hosting packages.
  • Standard Email Mailbox size increased to 5GB.
  • Premium Email Mailbox size increased to 10GB.
  • Dedicated WordPress platform for optimised delivery of WordPress web sites.
  • Improved Control Panel.
  • Many more new features.

We will also still deliver the same features you have now including 30 day backups (if you subscribe to this) and web mail.

To minimise disruption to your services most of the migration work will take place in the night or over weekends (or for more complex cases weekend nights) and you should notice minimal disruption if any. All Email Mailboxes along with any databases and website files will be automatically migrated to our new platforms along with the associated domains. If you have custom DNS and Namespace set ups it is advisable for you to make a note of these, but these will be manually migrated to ensure these settings are moved. If your domain is not hosted with us we will need you to change the Namespace details, but as this only affects a small number of our clients we will contact you separately nearer the time of your migration.
During the Migration you will receive and email with new sign in and address details for the control panel, your login details for our web shop if you had them will be removed as part of a data clean up exercise so you will need to register at the time of any additional purchases – this won’t affect your ability to manage your domain or renew your services in future. If your email client is set up to use an SSL connection you will receive a new warning about a SSL certificate mismatch, as with current services this is due to using a shared mail service and SSL certificate for all clients and this certificate can be marked as trusted the same as currently, you should get this error only once for each mailbox.

If there are any critical periods where you would like us not to migrate your services let us know ASAP, otherwise we will go through them in order. If you host multiple services with us then these may be done at different times although we will group these together as much as possible. During the migrations services that use the domain may have difficulties (such as existing control panel and webmail access) as these are migrated to the new platform, if this is the case please contact for assistance.

If you have any queries about this migration please get in touch.